Developers & Investors

If you are a developer or an investor, interested in acquiring properties in Trotwood to redevelop, the Trotwood CIC is a great opportunity for you.  Targeting vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties for tax foreclosure, the Trotwood CIC will then make these properties available for sale to qualified partners.  To qualify as a partner, see the steps below. Once you are a qualified partner, you will have a first look at these properties and the opportunity to submit offers on all Trotwood CIC residential properties made for sale.

Steps to become a Partner and to buy from the Trotwood CIC:

  1. Review and Complete the “Socially Responsible Development Partner” application: This is the first step to becoming qualified as a TCIC partner. (CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE APPLICATION)

  2. Meet with TCIC Housing Director to review application. Once this meeting is completed and all supporting documents are submitted, your application will be approved/denied by the TCIC Housing Sub-Committee/Board of Directors.
  3. If approved, the applicant will enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Trotwood CIC that spells out the expectations of the program.
  4. If NOT approved, the TCIC will work with the applicant to address the issues in the application, if possible.