In response to the issues facing neighborhoods in Trotwood, from the fallout of the 2008 housing crisis, the community of Trotwood has taken an aggressive stance to stabilize our community’s neighborhoods.  The City of Trotwood and the Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation, working together, have created an aggressive policy of targeting vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties for redevelopment.  The Trotwood CIC has developed a Residential Program to target these properties and get them renovated and back to being assets to the community and our neighborhoods.  

The goals of the Trotwood CIC Residential Program are as follows:

1. Target vacant and abandoned tax delinquent properties for tax foreclosure action in order to get them renovated and back to productive use.

2. Encourage responsible reinvestment back into these vacant properties to encourage positive growth in our neighborhoods and to return values to support current homeowners.

3. Create new opportunities for families to buy newly renovated homes in the Trotwood.


If you are interested in potentially buying a home in Trotwood or wish to know more about the program, please select one of the options below: