Land Use & Zoning

Zoning Ordinances

This ordinance regulates land use and development within the City of Trotwood. Zoning regulations protect property values by ensuring that the new development is compatible with the surrounding community and that it maintains the character of established neighborhoods. Every application for a building permit is reviewed to make sure it complies with the City’s zoning ordinance. The city has 18 different zoning district classifications. Each has regulations controlling the amount of property required for building, building size and location of the lot, off-street parking, signs and other environmental, health and safety standards. These regulations also govern the screening of commercial property and other neighborhood concerns for new construction.

The City of Trotwood’s Planning and Development Department is responsible for the oversight, management and operation of all the city’s planning, zoning, and economic development services. The department’s overall goal is to foster ongoing business and residential development, maintain and further develop the community’s housing stock and provide developers professional planning and zoning services.
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