Housing Forecast

The Trotwood Community Improvement Corporation has been actively developing a neighborhood stabilization program over the past several years to target vacant and abandoned properties that are tax foreclosure eligible to incorporate into a rehabilitation program. The goal of this program was to:
1) encourage positive reinvestment into the communities housing stock,
2) create quality and attractive housing options for both home buyers and renters in Trotwood, and
3) eliminate eye-sore vacant properties blighting Trotwood’s neighborhoods and turn them into productive assets to neighbors and the greater Trotwood Community.

To create a larger impact, the Trotwood CIC is working with private sector and public sector partners to acquire and renovate these properties. These partners must meet the Trotwood CIC’s renovation standards, must be in good standing with the County Treasurer, and agree to the community development aspect of the programs goals. For those organizations that can meet these requirements, they will be offered the first opportunity to acquire properties from the Trotwood CIC to renovate and either sell or rent.

In 2017 and early 2018, the Trotwood CIC anticipates making 70+ properties available to both our qualified partners and qualified home buyers interested in taking on a renovation project. The Trotwood CIC is always looking for more partners and qualified home buyers to participate in our programming.

If you are a private entity or investor interested in learning more about how to purchase properties from the Trotwood CIC, please email Chad Downing at cdowning@trotwoodcic.org. We will then send you the application to become a partner and set up a time for a meeting or phone call.

If you are a home buyer, you will first need proof of available funds or a pre-qualification from a lender. Once you have this, you will send it in with your application to cdowning@trotwoodcic.org or to our mailing address (below). Then, the Trotwood CIC will coordinate a call or meeting to discuss your options and homes you are interested in.

Trotwood CIC
Attn: Housing
3035 Olive Road, Trowood, OH 45426